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Amazing Ghost 7" 45rpm


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Amazing Ghost from the fertile music scene of Richmond, Virginia includes members of Bio Ritmo, Fight the Big Bull (David Karsten) and The Great White Jenkins which is a strong testament to their impressive musical backgrounds. They sound like an assimilation of Gary Numan/Ultravox/Flying Lizard's swirling keyboard embellishments, "nothing but a party y'all" late70's/early 80's hip hop sensibilities, and 21st century lido shuffling. They are downright impossible to resist--as evidenced by their catchy-as-fuck debut 45-RPM single on Electric Cowbell Records. On the A-side, "I Gettupa", vocalist/bassist/bandleader Eddie Prendergast employs the everyman spoken/sung dynamics of punk poet John Cooper Clarke, channeling "Million Dollar Legs" by the Outlaw Four as keyboardists Bob Miller and Toby Whitaker prolong the unbridled party anthem with looping, non-linear sonic support. "Tiny Raindroz" ventures into the usually insipid realm of 1980's balladry and ever-so-subtly turns John Hughes's cinematic heartstring pulling into a slightly funky, tongue-firmly-planted-in-cheek homage to tender moments. As with virtually everything they do, these tunes haunt you long after the record has ended.

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