CSC Funk Band - Record Store Day Special - Music Inspired by Gang Starr

Image of CSC Funk Band - Record Store Day Special - Music Inspired by Gang Starr


Side A: A Little Weight
Side B: A Little Planet

Brooklyn’s CSC Funk Band were the first funk project for the legendary New York hip-hop label Fat Beats so it only makes sense that the band would record an exclusive vinyl-only tribute record to one of hip-hop’s most influential groups-Gang Starr. In the spring of 2011 CSC Funk Band were tapped to play Fat Beat’s Record Store Day pop-up store in their Brooklyn warehouse and to backup MC’s in an all-out tribute to the late, great MC Guru-the lyrical half of Gang Starr. The high point was CSC Funk Band being joined on stage by hip hop legend MC Masta Ace, who led the group through an inspired take on the Gang Starr classic “Who’s Gonna Take the Weight.” Exhilarated by the tribute session and encouraged by their peers, CSC Funk Band began recording instrumental tracks of music inspired by Gang Starr in the Fat Beats Brooklyn studio. Some of CSC Funk Band members came to funk by listening to Gang Starr records, so the opportunity to pay tribute to a major source of inspiration is considered no less than an honor. Sonically distilling their rhythm section down to the core ingredients of a classic old-school hip-hop beat with live bass and drums, then rebuilding the tracks with kraut-rock synth tones, psychedelic guitar swirls, and effected oboe, CSC Funk Band have emerged with two tracks that bounce and nod to one of hip-hop’s greatest legacies. It is no coincidence that Electric Cowbell Records will release this limited edition 45 on Record Store Day 2012. Funk and hip-hop are essentially joined at the hip in vinyl culture and have shared shelf space together on record store and collector’s shelves all over the planet for the last 30 or so years. CSC Funk Band salutes Gang Starr and the funk from whence they came for Record Store Day 2012.

Comes in white dust sleeve. Sorry we ran out of covers!

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